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Blueprint for the Future Development
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Current Position >> The Huangshan Mountains


    Efforts will be made Huangshan Mountains a first-class world tourist destination.

    The Huangshan Scenic Area covers a planned area of 160.6 square kilometers.In accordance with the police of “scientific” planning,unified management,strict protection sustainable use”.Mt Huangshan has created a variety of management modes ,including the rotation system of scenic spots.It has become an outstanding model for the protection of National Scenic Areas World Heritage Sites.It has won the International Honor Areas for Melina Mercouri Cultural Landscape Protection and Management,and has been identified as Health Mountain at the state level. The World Tourist Organization (WTO) has chosen the Huangshan Mountains as an observatory site for tourism development on world cultural heritage sites.

    In 2008,the Huangshan Scenic Area received 2244 million visitors/times,generating a total income of 1.3 billion yuan;By 2015, the expected tourists times will reach 3 million with an expected revenue of 2 billion yuan.