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Huangshan is situated in the south of Anhui Province bordered on Jiangxi Zhejiang Provinces. Besides the Huangshan Scenic Zone, Huangshan Municipality has jurisdiction over three districts (Tunxi, Huizhou, Huangshan) and four counties (Shexian, Xiuning, Yixian and Qimen), with a total area of 9,807 square km and a population of 1.47 million´╝Ä
Huangshan's preexistence was named Huizhou, which existed more than two thousand years ago in Qing Dynasty and had jurisdiction over two counties (Shexian, Yixian), it was once a land of celebrities, who created the splendid Huizhou Culture.
Huangshan is an international tourist city, with unique and rich tourist resources. The most distinctive feature is that the natura1 beauty of the landscape matches and associates harmoniously with the historic and cultural signs, Huangshan Scenic Zone, one of the world wonders, was listed as the world cultural and natural heritage by UNESCO in 1990. Huangshan lies so many cultural sights such as Xidi and Hongcun, listed as World cultural heritage, Qiyunshan Taoist bethel, Huashan Grotto and jianjiang Scenic Attraction a wonder to admire, Taiping lake an emerald in Southern Anhui, Guniujiang and Qingliangfeng national reserves, the Xin'an river - a natural gallery, Shexian - a nation preserved historic reserve only to name some. 
Huangshan is not only rich in tourism, but has the first class ecological environment, special geographic location, complete infrastructure, plentiful power and water supply, abundant human resources and lower 1abour cost. It makes Huangshan a wonderland for all investors. Huangshan warmly welcomes all guests.